Facts about Russell Terriers Edit


The Russell Terrier is a predominantly white working terrier with an instinct to hunt prey underground. The breed was derived from the Reverend John Russell's working terrier strains that were used in the 19th century for fox hunting. The Reverend's fox working strains were much smaller than the Show Fox Terrier and remained working terriers. The size of the Russell Terrier combined with a small flexible, spannable chest makes it an ideal size to work efficiently underground. Their unique rectangular body shape with the body being of slightly longer length than the leg makes them distinctly different from the Parson Russell Terrier and the JRTCA Jack Russell Terrier.

Coat colors Edit

  • White
  • White & Tan
  • Black & White

Temperament Edit

Active, Alert, Bold, Fearless, Keen, Lively

On screen and in literature Edit

In the UK, one of the more recognisable canine stars was restaurateur and chef Rick Stein's irrepressible terrier Chalky, who frequently upstaged his owner on his various cookery series. He was unique in having his own line of merchandise, including plushes, tea towels, art prints, art paw prints and two real ales – Chalky's Bite and Chalky's Bark, which won gold in the Quality Drink Awards 2009. Chalky was given a BBC obituary when he died in 2007.

Father Moose and son Enzo played the role of Eddie on the long-running TV sitcom Frasier. Eddie belonged to lead character Frasier's father Martin Crane, and constantly "stole the show" with his deadpan antics, receiving more fan mail than any other Frasier character. Moose and Enzo also starred as Skip in the 2000 film My Dog Skip.

Wishbone, from the television show of the same name which aired from 1995 to 2001 in the United States, was a Jack Russell terrier. Wishbone's real name was Soccer and was chosen from over a hundred other dogs vying for the part.

Actor Gene Hackman's pet in the 1995 movie Crimson Tide was a smooth-coated Jack Russell terrier named "Bear". Max, a Jack Russell terrier, played the role of Milo who is one of Stanley Ipkiss's only friends in the 1994 U.S film The Mask starring Jim Carrey. Max also played the female dog Audrey in the 2000 film Mr. Accident. In the 2009 movie Hotel for Dogs, Friday, one of the main characters is a Jack Russell, played by the dog actor Cosmo. Cosmo went on to appear in the films Paul Blart: Mall Cop and Beginners.

Jack Russell: Dog Detective is a series of children's books by authors Darrell and Sally Odgers, and published by Scholastic. It is about the adventures of a Jack Russell terrier named Jack Russell and his gang of friends including Jill Russell, Lord "Red" Setter and Foxie Terrier.

Uggie (2002-2015) was an animal actor, appearing in commercials starting in 2005 and most notably cast in Water for Elephants and The Artist, both in 2011. In the same year, based on interest following The Artist, the "Consider Uggie" campaign was launched, which attempted to gain the dog a nomination for an Academy Award. In 2012, Uggie was named Nintendo's first-ever spokesdog.

The 1988 Disney film Oliver and Company features Dodger who is also a Jack Russell Terrier.

In the long-running book and television series Arthur, the titular character's grandmother has a dog named Killer. In the television series, Killer identifies herself to other dogs as a Jack Russell Terrier.

Max from the 2016 film The Secret Life of Pets is a Jack Russell Terrier.

Patrick McDonnell's comic strip Mutts features a Jack Russell terrier named Earl who is a main character in the comic strip.

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