Facts about Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers Edit

NovaScotiaDuckTollingRetriever thumb

The Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever is a medium-sized gundog bred primarily for hunting. It is often referred to as a "toller". It is the smallest of the retrievers, and is often mistaken for a small Golden Retriever. Tollers are known to be intelligent, easy to please, alert, and high-energy dogs. The name "toller" is derived from their ability to lure waterfowl within gunshot range. The breed originated in Yarmouth County, Nova Scotia, Canada. The American Kennel Club ranks the toller as the 87th most popular dog breed.

Coat colors Edit

  • Red
  • Red Golden
  • Copper

Temperament Edit

Intelligent, Alert, Loving, Outgoing, Patient

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