Facts about Border Terriers Edit


The Border Terrier is a small, rough-coated breed of dog in the terrier group. Bred as a fox and vermin hunter, the Border Terrier shares ancestry with the Dandie Dinmont Terrier and the Bedlington Terrier.

Coat colors Edit

  • Blue & Tan
  • Grizzle & Tan
  • Red
  • Wheaten

Temperament Edit

Affectionate, Alert, Even Tempered, Fearless, Intelligent, Obedient, Plucky, happy, affectionate

Popular Culture Edit

  • Baxter in Anchorman
  • Brillo in Misfits episode "Four" as a street puppy eaten by new zombie Curtis
  • Chomp in 102 Dalmatians
  • Hubble in Good Boy!
  • Lady Eccles in Coronation Street as Blanche Hunt's inheritance gift from her friend; belongs to her son-in-law Ken Barlow after her death in 2010
  • Maggie, Andy Murray and Kim Sears' dog who has her own Twitter account with 31,000 followers as of June 2016.[8]
  • Monty and Rommel in Monarch of the Glen
  • Nancy in Unfabulous as Addie's pet dog
  • Oscar as Scotty the Dog in Ruby Sparks (2012 film)
  • Owney unofficial mascot of the U.S. Postal Service
  • Pard in High Sierra (film)
  • Pepper as Pinkybones in Another Happy Day
  • Peter Weyland's dog in Prometheus (2012 film)
  • Puffy in There's Something About Mary
  • Puffy's female offspring Raleigh, Clay Aiken's pet dog
  • Scamp in The Suite Life of Zack & Cody; Maddie's scruffy dog who falls in love with London Tipton's dog, Ivana
  • Seymour in Futurama episode Jurassic Bark
  • Shep Proudfoot, Greg Laswell's pet dog
  • Sickan in My Life as a Dog
  • Sorry in Seeking a Friend for the End of the World; Dodge's dog
  • Tansy as Toto from Return To Oz (1985 film)
  • Toots in Lassie
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