Facts about the Belgian Laekenois Edit

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The Laekenois is a breed of dog, sometimes classified as a variety of the Belgian Shepherd rather than as a separate breed. "Laekenois" is pronounced. This breed is not fully recognized in the United States. However, they can be shown in Britain, Canada, Australia, and throughout Europe, along with all three of the closely related breeds which share a heritage with the Laekenois: the Tervuren, the Malinois, and the Groenendael, the last being shown in the U.S. as the Belgian Sheepdog.

Coat colors Edit

  • Fawn
  • Mahogany
  • Fawn Sable
  • Black & Tan
  • Red
  • Red Sable

Temperament Edit

Active, Alert, Energetic, Lively, Protective, Watchful

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